STM Smart Building Automation System

bulidingIntegration, is the keyword of a Building Automation System. One of unique service provided by STM ICT that could change the way of a building operated and managed.

Unlike conventional building which only provides the very basic benefit as coverage and basic sense of security, a smart building where every aspect of the building the building operation and management connected to an automated or manually operated smart software system, has become a living organism in its own way.
A smart building utilize many censor system, mechanical actuator censor or digital actuator censor, including smart microchip installed on various function and section of the building. All the censors are the source of various valuable information which then can be managed and processed according to each function and main purpose of the building its self.
An integrated system from a Building Automation will process and automatically control a building operation. From temperature control, humidity control, air ventilation system, light control, security monitoring, entrance and exit access, fire prevention system, water resource management, pump management, electrical power management, elevator management, waste management and so many other function.
An Automated Building System would benefit not only building owner, but also building manager and operator, which in the end would only increase the performance of the building as an asset, reduce various energy consumption, maximize space usage and reduce the negative impact to the environment.
A Smart Building where a Building Automation System is in place, would provide long term operational sustainability assurance and reduce risk in various aspect of the building.  The system would also help to reduce utility cost significantly, which is where building operation cost the most.  The financial cost saving gained from continues energy spending would provide a huge impact in a very long run.
Go Green, start you Smart Building project with us. STM ICT with its experience managing various integrated system would easily assist you to start a building automation project. Start small by connecting the building main utility function, and grow with various supporting function depending on the complexity of your building operation.